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John R. Freeman
Addiction Recovery Counselor and Coach

Dedicated to helping you define and meet your goals in recovery
"I want my old life back..."
No, you don't. Why on earth would you settle for that?

Real recovery is a complete transformation of how you experience life on a moment-to-moment basis. What you truly long for is a life that's bigger, more satisfying, and way more interesting than anything you've experienced prior to your addiction.

Are you ready to learn how that's possible?

Areas of Focus
I love what I do!

Here are some specialties and aspects of recovery that I have found to be the most effective in getting the most out of recovery.

Previous clients have this to say -

During my time counseling at several treatment centers, as well as in private practice, some of my clients have let me know about their experience.

“John was a great help in my early days of recovery. He helped me recognize thought patterns that were holding me in my addiction. Through our time together, I discovered tools to continue the work of recovery. I’m happy to recommend him!”



I just wanted to thank you for helping save my life. You are an amazing counselor and teacher! You taught me about mindfulness and how meditation can be a great coping mechanism. Your class was always my favorite because of the meditation at the beginning. God bless you each and every day!

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"You are a wise teacher."

"Thank you for teaching me so much tools that I can take with me on my journey."

"You are one of the kindest spirits I have ever met."

You are calming, empathic, balanced. You are a wonderful teacher. You are the MOUNTAIN!"

"Thank you for all your hard work you've put in to help me. I love how present and calm you are!"

"You have helped so much with my meditation and shown me the calmness that is possible."

From a classroom

Let's connect
I hope you will check out my blog posts.

These are tough times for everyone; especially those of us with substance problems. I'm a lot more interested in finding solutions than the problems themselves.

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