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Is moderation possible?
And, is it right for you?

I hear from a lot of prospective clients in this situation. My counseling practice is primarily set up for people who have chosen abstinence and are looking for help in sustaining and maximizing their recovery; but for some, the truth is that their alcohol use has created problems but not enough to be considered an addiction (or "Alcohol Use Disorder - Severe" as it's referred to in the clinical literature).

I believe that it is possible for many people to develop healthier habits before their drinking takes over their lives entirely. In a non-judgmental way, let's take a look at your current drinking and find out what your goals are.

I can help you make that determination in a free phone consultation; and now there's also another option. In addition to one-to-one counseling based on neuropsychotherapy and mindfulness practice, I am working with a brand-new app designed to help you make a choice (as long as you still have the ability to choose whether to drink or not in a given circumstance). If you simply want to cut back, this interactive program will give you the support you need to stick to your decisions.

I suggest you try the Sunnyside program as a method to reinforce your efforts at drinking moderately (click the button/link below). I can work with you privately while you explore this option; or you can contact me if you feel that you need to make a deeper commitment to getting alcohol (or other substances) out of your life altogether.

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